November 19, 2020

How to find Redmine installation folder?

To know what is your installation folder or Redmine is essential to be able to install extensions or to enhance Redmine.

Redmine install directory under Linux

Under Linux we can often easily identify the installation folder.

Any Linux distribution

There are mutliple ways to find out the installation folder.

Find installation folder by the running processes

ps aux|grep [Rr]edmine

It shall return you processes which are having something with redmine in the process command or path. If here you are not finding the proper paths, you shall take the process number and search for the open files.

ps aux|grep redmine
root            745 0.0  0.0   14756      1036 pts/0  S+ 14:57 0:00 grep --color=auto redmine
www-data 5998 0.1  7.7   594064 158880 ?       Sl   09:27 0:31 Passenger RubyApp: /usr/share/redmine
postgres    6005 0.0 2.2   207496  46588 ?       Ss  09:27 0:07 postgres: redmine redmine_default idle

In the above case we already see the path /usr/share/redmine. But let us assume it is not clear. We will execute for the ruby/passenger process:

lsof |grep 5998
lsof |grep 5998 |grep [Rr]edmine

and we get also a bunch of open files back of /usr/share/redmine. And bingo, you have your installation folder found.

Find installation folder on debian based distributions like Ubuntu

For debian based projects you can use this command if redmine is already installed

for package in $(dpkg --list|grep "redmine"|awk -P '{print $2}'); do dpkg-query -L $package|sort;done |less

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